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    I am happy to share my interview experience of EY GDS(on campus)

    There was three rounds-

    1. Online aptitude + coding round - basic Apptitude questions based on percentage, ratio, SI, CI, age , train problem,

    There was no verbal section questions.

    Apart from apptitude there was 2 coding questions of easy level based on string, which worked on brute force approach.

    2. Technical round 

    Was one of the easiest round very basic questions were asked like- 

    - What is advantage of writting Oops

    - What is class and object 

    -How can you call method without creating instance of a class.

    - Example of polymorphism 

    - Normalisation

    - Acid property and why we need ?

    - Primary vs candidate vs composite key

    -Delete vs truncate vs drop



    And few more basic questions

    - what is the order of elements in set of cpp

    - list vs vector 

    - containers of cpp?

    From my project 

    - what is Cryptography

    - key exchange algorithm

    These many questions were asked.





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