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    If you’re preparing for a tech interview of any big tech company like Adobe, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc. – most probably, you would have known about the importance of Data Structures and Algorithms to crack these interviews. Yes, most of the interviews for technical roles in these companies focus on measuring the candidates' data structures and algorithm knowledge.

    If you're preparing for technical interviews, you must go through these DSA Sheets curated by our very own Love Babbar, Striver Bhaiya, Sahil Srivastava, and Kunal Kushwaha. Let's go through them one by one.

    Love Babbar's 450 DSA Sheet

    It is a collection of 450 questions related to data structures and algorithms. The questions are from various DSA topics like Array, Strings, Graph, Trees, Linked list, stack, and queue, etc.  According to Babbar, all the questions can be completed within 2-3 months if you are regular.

    View or download the 450 DSA Sheet curated by Love Babbar here.

    Who is Love Babbar?

    Love Babbar, who graduated from NSIT Delhi, is an ex-Amazon SDE and a YouTuber. Check out his YouTube channels here - Love Babbar and CodeHelp - by Babbar.

    Striver's SDE Sheet

    Striver's SDE Sheet contains very handily crafted and picked top coding interview questions from different topics of Data Structures & Algorithms. These questions are one of the most asked coding interview questions in coding interviews of companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Media.net, Flipkart, etc, and cover almost all of the concepts related to Data Structure & Algorithms.

    Check out the updated Striver SDE Sheet here.

    Disclaimer: Only start doing these problems if you feel you are comfortable with solving the basic problems of DSA. Once you are, you can start preparing for these problems, because these problems are solely interview-based.

    Who is Striver Bhaiya?

    Raj Vikramaditya A.K.A Striver Bhaiya is a Candidate Master, 6* on CodeChef, and an ex Intern at Amazon India. He is currently working with Media.net (Directi). You can check out his YouTube channel here - take U forward.

    DSA Problems List by Sahil

    This list covers all the topics of Data Structures and Algorithms. In every topic, all the questions have been ranked from low to high with few exceptions. There are more than 330+ problems in this list.

    Check out the DSA Sheet here.

    Who is Sahil Srivastava?

    Sahil is currently working as Software Engineer at Tekion Corp, previously interned at Microsoft, and has offers from Amazon, Infosys, Virtusa, etc.

    DSA Bootcamp Assignment by Kunal

    This is a constantly updated repository that contains DSA problems on all topics and has been segregated as per their levels.

    Check out the repository here.

    Who is Kunal Kushwaha?

    Kunal is an Open-Source enthusiast & a junior pursuing his Bachelor's in Computer Science & Engineering. You can check out his YouTube channel - Kunal Kushwaha. Check out his amazing DSA playlist here.


    If you're preparing for DSA and Interviews, these sheets and problems lists would be enough for you to crack them. Share the blog with your friends and help them crack product-based companies easily!

    Happy Coding!


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